Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yarn and the Economy

Knitters come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. There are famous knitters like Julia Roberts, Martha Stewart and Catherine Zeta Jones to name just a few, who most likely have unlimted yarn budgets. Speaking for myself, my budget for yarn is defineatley not unlimited, and most likely yours has a spending cap as well. One of my favorite things is when my LYS has a sale, because that means I can get way more yarn for my money.

These days yarn can be found in a lot of different places, from Goodwill to Walmart and AC Moore and Michaels. Of course, it can also be found at yarn shops and fiber festivals and of course due to the miracle of modern technology, it can also be found online.

Keeping in mind all of the places that yarn can be found and purchased at, and also keeping in mind the state of the current economy, with gas being more than $3.00 per gallon, there are a lot of people putting their yarn budgets on hold. This has a trickle down effect in that if we stop purchasing yarn and other supplies at our LYS they may go out of business. Knowing this, I will keep shopping at my LYS. And I will keep shopping at a few other out of town (more than one hour from my home) shops that have great service as well.

What I won't do is shop where I do not get good friendly service. My time, gas, and yarn budget are too valuable to waste on feeling like I am a lowly for also purchasing yarn at AC Moore and/or Michaels. I have some really nice yarns in my stash, some I spun, some came from my LYS and the LYS near my mom's, and some also came from craft stores. I can bet most knitters stashes are like this too.

So if you are like me, and have some AC Moore yarn in your stash, hold your head high. Shop at the LYS that treats you great no matter where you purchased your yarn for you are a knitter, and the source of their pay check!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival

Last weekend, Andy and I took a trip to the Montpeileir Fall Fiber Festival. I entered the Luna Moth Shawl in the Handspun Wearables where it received second place. I was so surprised and excited when I saw the ribbon! It's the second shawl I have ever knit and the first (and only so far) one out of hand spun. It was also my first attempt at lace weight yarn. The purple and blue yarn was locks that I spun and it recieved second place in the Novelty division.

I also entered a skein of llama in the open/advanced plied hand spun division (it's the brown skein in the center with the blue ribbon). The fiber came from Posey Thisisit Llama Farm The llama' it came from is Mink Stole, named this because she will be the only mink that Joyce (owner) will get to have. The skein won first place! Pretty cool since the skein I entered last year (which won first and best over all) was from one of Joyce's other llama's, Lucky Star.