Monday, February 9, 2009

Chile Ristra Socks

Last week I saw an awesome new pattern on Ravelry for the Chile Ristra Socks by Grace Anna.

The pattern wasn't available yet, but test knitters were needed. I applied and was accepted, which I am so excited about! Grace Anna emailed the pattern to me, and I got it started over the weekend.
Here is the cuff. The yarn is Trekking Hand Art in Baltik. We picked up the yarn over the summer at Knitwit Yarn Shop in Portland,Maine. The colors are really hot and I thought they would go well with this spicy pattern!

Here is where Im at so far. The gusset decreases have just been completed, not much further to go!
As far as other news, Ive been on a huge sock knitting jaunt. Dianne and I seemed to have gotten our sock mojo back at the same time. Right now along with the Chile Ristra Im working on two socks at a time on one needle, a pair of beaded socks, and Lenore from the Yarn Harlotte. The one full pair Ive managed to complete, I gifted to my friend Jamee'. Obviously second sock syndrome has gotten a hold of me and isn't letting go any time soon!
Ive been spinning yarn like a mad woman, trying to keep up with the fiber Jamee' is having me spin out of her family's llama's. Right now, Im working on some llama that she had blended with merino wool and it's spinning up like a cloud! She will have yarn and fiber availble at the Virginia Llama and Alpaca Classic show in Lexington, VA in March. I will be there to help set up on Friday and then for the afternoon on Sunday.