Monday, June 16, 2008

Crochet Mainia

I've been bitten by the crochet bug, or should I say frog:

I collect pin cushions and couldn't resist making the little frog, and the tomato:

The tomato body is hand spun mohair and the green top is hand spun colonial wool. The frog is Vanna's Choice. I can't believe I bought something that Vanna would endorse, it was on sale, what can I say?

This acorn came from a pattern on Ravelery. It was super easy to do and only took about two hours to complete. It's supposed to be a small project holder, but I think my gauge may have been a wee bit off (Im not much of a crocheter and didn't bother to check my guage.....). It's rather small and could better be used to put a gift in. It could possibly hold a center pull ball of gossamer lace yarn. It's way too small for a sock yarn holder.

It seems like I've been working on the Low Tide Cross Over Vee for ages, and with much relief and happy knitting/spinning satisfaction, it's finally done! I really enjoyed starting with raw fleece and ending with a completed sweater.

I'm waiting for special order moose antler buttons to arrive for the sweater to be really completed. They are being made in Maine, which is where I grew up. The pattern for this sweater was designed by a lady from Maine as well, I thought that was pretty cool.

The whole sweater is knitted in stocking knit, so the knitting went really quickly. The finishing took some time as there is a hand spun lace crochet edge:

The lace edge is 50/50 llama and hand dyed alpaca. The picture doesn't show the color well on the lace, but it's gray, blue and brown. It reminds of the rocky coast in Maine. Can you tell Ive been a little homesick lately? I'm dying for some LOBSTER. Mostly for a a lobster roll, that's cold (cooked) lobster mixed with little bit of mayo, possibly a small amount of lettuce served on a grilled hot dog bun. I had one at a Red Sox game one time that was served on croissant and the lobster meat had dill mixed with it. Now that was wicked good :)