Monday, April 7, 2008

The Cure For I Cord and the Braided Rug

So, what have you been knitting, my friend Linda asked me last week. Well, I really haven't have much timt to knit as Andy and I are making a braided rug out of yarn. To be more specific, an I Cord braided rug. It's about 2' x 4' and before you think that Ive completely lost my mind, keep reading!
It's made out of three stands of I Cord, braided together, mostly leftover sock yarns and a little Encore thrown in for good measure. My stash is completely cleaned out of little bits of sock yarn left overs. You know what that means....
room for MORE YARN! Good timing on that since there are two fiber festivals coming up in the very near future.

While flipping through a knitting magazine at Barnes and Noble I came across a cure for I Cord:

It's called the Embelish Knit. It can make miles and miles of I Cord in no time. You just feed the yarn through and crank the handle. What could be easier? We tried different types of yarn in it, and sock yarn works the best, thick yarns seem to get tangled up in it so stay away from those. It was only about $15 and well worth it.


Dana said...

Your braided rug is beautiful!! I'm astounded by it - - it's so pretty and colorful.

I laughed when I read about your I-Cord cure. Obviously it works and look what you've created with it. :) Fabulous job!

Anonymous said...

I love it Lara. Beautiful colors too! Jamee'

Dianne said...

Oh've cured all the ills of the I I really do feel challenged..